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Cassiopea Carrier Doneys

Message from our Research Center Director

Anyone who sets foot in Mahahual cannot help but feel overwhelmed by the natural beauty of the place. This paradise is a tribute to the delicacy and importance of coastal ecosystems and the incredible biodiversity of which they are composed. All activity in Mahahual depends on this precious ecosystem, from tourism to fishing. When Takata Experience opened its doors in 2016, the founding members aimed to make a positive change in the face of degrading ecosystems and declining biodiversity. 

Our goal is to make Mahahual a destination where ecotourism can become the engine of healthy and sustainable development, respecting the ecosystems that it comprises. Why not have the ambition to create together a place where the conservation of the environment and the restoration of natural systems are the basis of development actions? Why can´t this be achieved with the inclusion of, and respect for, the local  population?

With this in mind, over the last 3 years, Takata Research Center has established a variety of research and conservation programs and projects, working with the local community in Mahahual. We hope to showcase these programs and provide updates to you each month in the form of our new Friends of Takata newsletter!

Friends of Takata!

We are pleased to announce our new monthly newsletter! Each month we will share with you the updates, progress, setbacks, and calls to action for the Research & Conservation programs we are currently running here at Takata Research Center in Mahahual, Mexico. ~November 2019

Coral Restoration Program

After 1 year of planning and 5 months of studying and monitoring the resistance of our exclusive nursery prototype, we will soon be ready to install our first coral fragments. Stay tuned for what’s to come! This project is inspired by the huge amount of loss that the Caribbean reef has experienced over the past few decades. It is estimated that 90% of corals alone have been lost over the past 20 years.

Recycling Program

Every Thursday a group of Takata’s interns and volunteers made up of locals and visitors drive to local businesses in Mahahual to pick up their plastic & aluminium recycling. We receive so much support from the local community and hope to expand our collections and recycling stations throughout all of Mahahual!

Eco Certification

Takata is certifying local companies in Mahahual who are taking steps towards more environmentally sustainable business practices. We have four levels of certifications that a business can achieve depending on their resource management, waste management, and the eco-responsible products that they use.

Reef Monitoring

Our Reef Monitoring Program allows us to collect data about the state of the reef using the AGRRA standardized methods. This week, in collaboration with Healthy Reefs and Cinvestav, we are helping with the annual monitoring of four reef sites in Mahahual, Xahuayxol, and Xcalak. These sites have been monitored for years and are important when measuring the resilience of the reef.

Turtle Conservation

In collaboration with Proyecto Aak Mahahual we are able to lend a helping hand in three main areas: monitoring the local sea turtle population, surveying and protecting the nesting grounds, and educating the general public about the issues that this fragile population is facing.

Environmental Awareness

Menos Plástico es Fantástico recently hosted a community event in partnership with Takata Research Center and Restore Coral. The importance of these community organisations in supporting environmental projects is critical to bringing people together and making our work as effective as possible in protecting our marine and terrestrial environments.

Habitat Cartography

Through the hard work of our interns and the use of GIS (Geographical Information Systems) technology, we have been able to map 12 km of Mahahual´s coastline and present it in an online interactive map. The reef, seagrass, mangroves, and much more have all been included in this map and we can now use it to monitor changes in the coastal marine ecosystems over time.

Social Perception - Marine Environment

Understanding how other people view the land, sea, and amazing resources that they can provide us is an important part when it comes to deciding what to do to protect it. With this project we are identifying the local stakeholders and interviewing them about what they think is important.

Eco Diving Programs

At Takata Dive Center, we have a number of different eco-focused dive courses and programs for both new and experienced divers. From a Reef Monitoring Program to PADI´s Coral Conservation Specialty, our experienced dive instructors and team of scientists can teach you all you need to know to become a more eco-conscious diver.