• Mahahual Coral Restoration Project

    ~ Restoration ~ Community ~ Education ~ 

A community project

The Mahahual Coral Restoration Project is a new Research & Conservation Project at Takata Research Center which aims to restore parts of the degraded reef in Mahahual over the coming years. As well as maintaining and outplanting the coral nurseries, we hope to unite the community of Mahahual around a common goal: saving our reef!

This work will directly benefit the community and the extraordinary marine diversity that depends on the reef. Through the hard work of our scientists and volunteers, we hope to bring Mahahual back to one of the healthiest and most pristine reefs in the Caribbean Sea. 

In Mahahual and the rest of Caribbean, we have lost up to 90% of corals in the last 20 years. We must change this! A study from the CINVESTAV has shown that in the early 2000s, Mahahual had the most pristine reef in the Caribbean. It is heartbreaking to think about what we have lost, but it also greatly motivates us to conserve what is left and restore the reef back to its original state.

While the monitoring and logistics of this project will be assumed by Takata Research Center’s Coral Restoration Project, we hope to bring together all Mahahual’s stakeholders to join the fight for our oceans.

Education is of great importance to us and we will offer coral gardening workshops for our local community and those who want to learn about coral reef ecology and marine conservation.

We welcome all Mahahual’s diving centers, hotels, restaurants, fishermen and community members to participate in the active and passive restoration of our coral reef and help us make this project a success.

The Mahahual Coral Restoration Project aims to restore 1000mof degraded reef by outplanting 5,000 coral fragments in the coming 5 years.

The coral fragments will be cared for in our nurseries for a year before being outplanted on the reef and monitored for growth and survival.

Contact us if you want to take part in the Mahahual Coral Restoration project!

If you are an individual hoping to make a difference or an environmentally conscious business, let’s work together towards tangible solutions to restore our environment.