• Environmental Awareness

Environmental awareness campaigns

At Takata we believe in the value of educating for a better relationship between the individual, the community and the environment. Our objective is to empower the community by creating with them the necessary knowledge and tools to protect the ecosystems upon which we collectively depend. 

All of the center’s research results are shared with the community. Mahahual’s community is also frequently consulted about their own perceptions of local socio-environmental issues.

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Engaging local stakeholders

Our center collaborates with local stakeholders and organizations to coordinate a variety of outreach strategies. These include public discussions, conferences, clean-up campaigns, film projections, family games, artistic projects, among other activities. 

We work with local schools to help children develop an emotional connection with their environment from an early age. We educate our dive center clients, who are often interested in reef ecology and marine environmental issues. We also collaborate with local businesses to help them develop viable interventions to reduce their environmental footprints while improving the quality of their services.

We wish to encourage every stakeholder to understand the importance of protecting our shared local environment. The long term objective of our diverse environmental awareness campaigns is to turn Mahahual into a sustainable community and a world-renowned eco-touristic destination.

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