We are a collective of professional divers, scientists, nature lovers, adventurers, filmmakers, who disregarding the origin or the circumstances, decided to carve a common trail, which involves the exploration, understanding and reconstruction of the Caribbean Sea in every possible way. We are an open group willing to integrate whoever wants to throw themselves into this rich piece of biosphere.

We invite you and everybody, no matter the age, no matter the level, to discover what is below the blue line and experience the last unexplored part of Caribbean.

Co-Founder / General Manager


I remember my first time breathing underwater, watching the beautiful ocean. It was something definitive in my life. I thought: “I’ve done this and I want to do this for the rest of my life”. Now, after few years, I’m still thinking exactly the same. I am Staff Instructor and I want to keep on improving my qualifications in this area.

When I think of Takata Experience, I think of the best in all the world- a beautiful place for diving with really high-quality instructors. At the same time, not only are we the kind of people who want to take care of the environment and to educate our students, but we also want to work with people, and make a big change in our world. We have a responsibility – it is NATURE – and we will work on this with our diving education and our research center.

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Co-Founder / Research Center Director


I have always been amazed by the ocean, and after entering the blue line, I knew this world was going to be part of my life forever. I then used my trips to dive and train in different places around the world, and eventually became a Divemaster. I graduated from a double Masters in Environmental Management and International Ecology, and I am mainly in charge of the Research Center.

The famous words of Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world”. In my case, these words resonate through this project. This is an opportunity to fulfill myself in an area that fascinates me, working to give back to nature and, consequently, to the communities that depend on it. Takata is our way to take actions to reduce the pressure of our specie on the environment. Our way to educate, learn, contribute and find solutions for CO-habiting with nature.

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Co-Founder / Marketing Manager


Being around the world for a few years makes you realized a bit more about yourself, who you want to be and what everybody should have in their life; passions. Whether it is in sports, music, nature or whatever drives you as an individual, there is nothing more valuable than discussing with passionate people and learning from their experiences. So diving naturally came to me through my travels and the conversations I had along the way.

The first time you go below the blue line, everything beside what you feel and see become totally irrelevant in front of what nature gave us. From Indonesia, Philippines and South East Asia to Central America, my passion grew stronger as well as my knowledge and awareness around environmental issues.

The Takata project is an extension of our admiration for nature. We are raising our voices together to preserve and protect the ocean and its ecosystems and allow people like you to experience the world of diving in all its beauty.

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As a keen diver and aware individual I have always had a love for the environment, conservation and the ocean. Starting my diving ambition at the age of 12 years old, I have ventured along the some of the greatest dive destinations in the world. After taking a BSc in Wildlife Conservation and MSc in Wildlife Documentary production, I have refined my skills as a diver and conservationist.

After embarking on large dive learning trips across Asia and the Caribbean I finally received my Instructor’s certification. Ever since then, I have had great experiences working with and teaching wonderful people, sharing many experiences and building my professional career. Along with teaching my diving, my ambition to conserve the oceans and understand this ecosystem is an integral part of my involvement with Takata Experience. Takata Experience not only offers people the opportunity to relax and learn at your own pace, but to discover a deep connection between yourself and this cherished ecosystem.

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I discovered the world of diving a few years ago. This revelation occurred on a trip where I met wonderful people from all over the world. They have become my friends and then also my colleagues today in this wonderful project. As an elementary school teacher, I love learning new things. I am energetic, sociable and passionate. I also love nature, animals and the environment. This new passion was therefore made for me. Takata Experience reflects the love we have for each other, our love of diving, but also our love for life. That is why we want to share it and make sure people experience it!

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Project Manager


My generation is being confronted to one of the biggest threats civilization has ever faced : the destructuration of our biosphere’s support systems. I find a deep sense of purpose in this challenge that calls for a complete rethinking of our relationship with our environment. My long-term goal with Takata is to help our students reconnect with nature and help Mahahual’s community move towards an optimal management of their reef and coastal ecosystems.

I have been diving and sailing since I was a teenager. I grew up in the coast of Peru and have spent years exploring the St-Lawrence river in Canada. I have a BSc in anthropology from Université de Montréal and I’m working towards an MSc in environmental sciences from Université du Québec à Montréal. I also have a second cycle degree in environmental education.

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Freediving Program Manager


‘’We are here for a good time, not a long time.‘’ I am an adventure lover, always looking to discover new places, new cultures and learn from others. When I dove for the first time I had this amazing feeling of freedom, like I discovered a new world with its endless possibilities. I decided to complete my Scuba Instructor course and continued my training to become a Freedive Instructor.

Freediving is more than a challenging sport, it is an effective tool to reach new states of relaxation and self confidence in a beautiful environnement. I came here to setup the freediving programs, a very unique chance to be the first free diving school in Mahahual. Being part of the Takata team is very exciting. We are a team of professionals with different backgrounds, sharing one passion for life and its oceans.

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Yoga Instructor / Customer Experience Manager


I left home at the age of 18 to travel and I absolutely fell in love with that lifestyle. The challenges, the adventures and the unknown are what makes it so exciting. I started diving and since the first day I never stopped. Today I am a PADI staff instructor.

Yoga and freediving came throughout the people I’ve met, evolving into a passion of pushing my limits and connecting mind and body. I joined the Takata family to launch the Yoga program and I am thrilled to be part of the project.

After your first experience underwater, it´s hard to believe that we live in such a material world. Spending so much time in the ocean makes you realize that we really need to act to preserve the beauty and wellness of our oceans. The marine research center and conservation project is the ideal way for me to learn from passionate professionals an get involved in my own way.

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Community Manager / Photographer


I´ve been passionate about arts for as longs as I can remember, and the past 10 years my creative outlet has been through photography. Becoming a diver was a game changer for me- it has made me a much more aware individual, where ocean conservatism is at the core of my heart. Today, I combine my two greatest passions; the ocean and photography, with a purpose of creating awareness.

Through freediving and scuba I´ve learned to have a great deal of respect for the ocean, yet nothing makes me more relaxed and content than being submerged in the blue. Working as the photographer and Community Manager at Takata is not only a great way of getting people involved, it´s also a place for growth, working alongside fellow ocean enthusiasts in a fun and professional environment. My adventures have taken me to some of the best dive destinations, however, I am now proud to call Mahahual my home, and Takata Experience my family.

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I am the little sunshine of Takata. I come from the mountains of San Cristobal de las Casas and I moved to Mahahual at the age of 2 months. I enjoy my life on the beach so so sooo much. I play all day with my dog friends, I swim in the ocean, I cuddle with my humans, I chew on cocos and wood. Everyone loves me and I love every human or animal I get to know in return. I am a little shy at the beginning but as soon as I give my trust to someone I get very playful and affectionate. Takata is my home and here I have the most beautiful playground I could have ever asked for.

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