While our Dive Center helps you discover what’s below the blue line, our Research Center works to restore the biodiversity of the Caribbean Sea at a time where urgent action is needed.

Takata Research Center is an NGO specializing in marine ecology, sustainable coastal management and public awareness. Our organization ensures its work is based on an effective collaboration with the local community and government. Our staff is qualified in ecology, environmental management, and wildlife conservation.

We believe in a fairer world, where human activities do not negatively impact nature. This world and generation is ready for a change that involves a new healthy way of interacting with our planet. Our collective efforts and actions will help to restore and help protect our ecosystems. Each of us should aspire to contribute to creating a healthy and sustainable future, where the importance and fragility of our environment is understood, respected and valued.

The mission: Protecting marine biodiversity through education, research and conservation.

The vision: Creating a sustainable community to ensure the future of our oceans.

The areas of intervention for Takata Research Center are organized around the following goals: endangered wildlife and habitat conservation; restoration of key ecosystems; enhancement of social & environmental awareness while creating ambassadors for the underwater world; and implementation of a sustainable coastal development.


Co-Founder, Director of Research, PADI Ambassadiver & Divemaster

~ Juliana ~

Research Center Manager, PADI Divemaster