At Takata Experience, it is very important for us to be part of the economic, environmental and social development of the local community of Mahahual. Our Research Center works with the community to improve the relationship between people and nature, always recognizing and valuing local knowledge and traditions.

It is our goal to create a sustainable Dive and Research Center, which will benefit both the environment and the local economy and community. We aim to have the most positive impact possible on nature and people. 

In the past year, we have worked to prevent Mahahual from aggressive development that is harmful to ecosystems and the local community.

For the sustainable urban development of Mahahual, we have worked with professionals in urban development in order to write urban development proposals that take into account the biological and ecological characteristics found in the area. This proposal was presented as a counterpart to the Urban Development Plan (PDU) that had been proposed by the Quintana Roo state government for Mahahual. We are now starting to work with the local community in the hope to help implement projects that would facilitate community based urbanism.