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Social Perception of the Coastal Environment


At Takata Experience, it is very important for us to be part of the economic, environmental and social development of the local community of Mahahual. Our Research Center works with the community to improve the relationship between people and nature, always recognizing and valuing local knowledge and traditions.

It is our goal to create a sustainable Dive and Research Center, which will benefit both the environment and the local economy and community. We aim to have the most positive impact possible on nature and people. 

The mission of our social perception program is to produce a description of the collective construction of the coastal environment from the perspective of local stakeholders. The objectives are to:

  • Identify and portray local stakeholders.
  • Describe the perception of the coastal environment from the perspective of those stakeholders.
  • Map the different utilizations given to the coastal environment by local stakeholders.
  • Collectively identify local socio-environmental issues and possible solutions.
  • Empower Mahahual’s community to face the collective challenges of territorial management.

The program’s data collection methods include individual interviews, collective discussion workshops, participant observation of territorial management activities, participatory cartography workshops, among others. 

The data collected allows us to develop intervention measures and support territorial management initiatives in Mahahual, such as the Playas Limpias de Costa Maya committee, in which local, regional and federal stakeholders participate.