• Recycling Program

Mahahual is beautiful and surrounded by nature. However, in recent years, human presence and the polluted open ocean have had a big impact on this once pristine location. Plastic and other garbage are coming from the land and sea, polluting the ocean, beaches, mangroves and the town. We consider recycling to be a common practice in many countries and believe that Mahahual should not fall behind but rather, become a pioneer in the region for environmental consciousness and an example for any town or city that considers itself “eco-touristic”.

In 2016, Takata Research Center teamed up with a small number of people and businesses in the local community to start a Recycling Program. Our vision is one of innovation and perseverance! 3 years later we have increased the number of local businesses participating to 60 and awareness among the community has improved drastically.

We have installed recycling containers at locations around the town and residential areas and collect plastic and aluminum from local businesses and schools. The project will eventually expand to glass, hazardous waste and organic waste management.

Our strategy is to collect recyclable material, which we can sell to a processing center. The generated income is reinvested into the project, which makes the program economically viable and allows us to continue the program and reach more of the local community.

What we have achieved to date:

  • More than 10 tons of recyclable material collected since the program began
  • Up to 60 local businesses participating in our program every week
  • At least 5 interns/volunteers giving their time every week to collect recycling and clean and organize the recycling center in the 55 residential zone

The objectives of the Recycling Program project have been to give a second life to the waste, reduce the amount of plastic in the environment, clean Mahahual and set an example towards more sustainable actions.

The future of recycling in Mahahual is promising. The local community is changing how they treat their trash, not only bringing their domestic recyclables to the designated area but also cleaning the streets where they live and work. Takata Research Center is working to raise awareness at community events, through social media outlets and in the schools.

Up until now, the Recycling Program has succeeded thanks to the generous time of university interns and volunteers. The hope is to expand the program throughout the town center and residential areas.

We need your help! Contact us now to find out how you can get involved or contribute to the expansion of the Recycling Program in Mahahual