We are a collective of professional divers, scientists, nature lovers, adventurers, filmmakers, who disregarding the origin or the circumstances, decided to carve a common trail, which involves the exploration, understanding and reconstruction of the Caribbean Sea in every possible way. We are an open group willing to integrate whoever wants to throw themselves into this rich piece of biosphere.

We invite you and everybody, no matter the age, no matter the level, to discover what is below the blue line and experience the last unexplored part of Caribbean.

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At TAKATA Dive Center, we provide personalized attention to divers of all levels of experience, from those breathing underwater for the first time to the more experienced diver who is looking for a new challenge and adventure. It is our belief that diving is an activity in which people of all ages and backgrounds should participate, despite possible obstacles or disabilities. All that is needed is a correct environment in which to learn. This is why our team of Dive Instructors is dedicated towards providing the perfect training tailored for you, contributing with their varied backgrounds to provide a quality learning experience.

Come and experience the real Caribbean vibes while exploring Mexico and diving with the best group of people.

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What we offer

Book with us to enjoy a variety of recreational scuba diving and freediving, professional training, and packages!

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It is very important for us to be part of the economical, environmental and social development of the local community of Mahahual. TAKATA works with local families to provide boat services to go diving. The center also works with the community to improve the relation between people and nature, always using the local knowledge and traditions.

At TAKATA, it’s our goal to create a sustainable center, which is healthy for the environment and benefits the local economy and social community. We aim to have the most positive impact possible on nature and people. 

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