We are offering 4 courses and 1 recreational dive experience

Discover scuba divingPADI open waterPADI advanced open waterPADI rescuePADI dive master

Discover Scuba Diving

  • 1 day activity (3-4 hours)
  • Recreational dive experience (it is not a certification)
  • For curious people who want to have a feel for what the underwater world is like
  • Small seminar on the physics, environment and safety practices of diving
  • Your instructor will lead you and help to accommodate you comfortably into the water
  • Maximum depth of 12 meters
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PADI Open Water Course

  • 3-4 days activity
  • Teaching of the standards, training and basic skills to enter the underwater world
  • Teaching of essential techniques for maintaining a dive friendly conscious outlook
  • Learning of how to deal with a range of different scenarios and events that could happen under the water
  • In class learning as an introduction to the physics, biology and dynamics of diving
  • Confined water training to learn new skills
  • Open water skills training which helps refine techniques and confidence as an open water diver
  • Maximum depth of 18 meters
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PADI Advanced Open Water Course

  • 2 days activity
  • 5 adventure dives
  • Understand and master new skills
  • Push your boundaries and techniques
  • Become a more fulfilled diver
  • Build confidence and expand your scuba skills
  • Maximum depth of 30 meters
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PADI Rescue Course

  • 4 days activity
  • Learning of challenges and skills to deal with underwater scenarios that could potentially go wrong
  • Teaching of problem solving skills, development of personal skills as a safer diver and a more responsible buddy
  • Practice of different rescue scenarios, minor and major
  • Introduction of new rescue techniques to help you deal with problematic situations
  • Pre requisite for this course : Emergency First Response primary and secondary care (CPR and first Aid) and it is encouraged for all students to familiarize themselves with the emergency equipment (O2) on board every vessel
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PADI Dive Master Course

  • 3 to 5 weeks activity
  • Class learning, individual learning and real life scenarios and training
  • unlimited diving through the course
  • Allows you to get a career in the diving industry
  • Become a leader, guide and mentor in motivating and assisting others
  • Become more balanced and act as a role model for other divers
  • Refine your dive skills like buoyancy, dive trim, and general awareness of the underwater realm
  • Test your rescue abilities so that you can anticipate and easily solve problems before they occur
  • Gain diving experience and get treated like a professional
  • Assist Instructors on scuba diving activities and with trainings
  • Seal your ties with Takata forever, becoming one of the family
  • Get 2 dives for 1 for your entire life
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